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Motorola Levels
Ok, first off I know I will probably get flamed and a whole bunch b.s about engineering, planning, documentation but look.  I own two SMALL systems and I am operating in a vacuum.   So that being said, I have been working the systems for about 5 years, deployed 2 nodes, 3 cmts's and implemented return and sweep.  SO..  one system was set up with very high output, the other not so much.  What are YOU pushing out on your motorola systems?  (Oh and if you have any mb87s or LE's I could use more)

Levels at Outputs
System #1
Channel        Output
70                44   (AGC's running)
50                42
4                  38
(return 0db)

System #2
(no 116)
(no 70) - i know i know I need to add it and implement the AGC's
50        50db
4          46db
(return 0 db)

My thoughts are #2 is overdriving as Motorola says don't push 50.  I want to settle in on the BEST possible outputs using MB87s and LE87.  I know the nodes run in the 50 range.

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