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Re: Aurora vhub
We are running a dwdm narrowcast at 1550. At least, m and k blocks. The optical input to the Edfa didn't change, but it has an agc circuit to keep its outputs constant anyway. The last time I set this thing and the 15 nodes that it feeds up, I had everything balanced flat from the individual narrowcast transmitter inputs at the headend to the vhub and out to the nodes. They relocated the transmitters in the headend but kept the all the same cabling but when I went to verify the nodes, narrowcast levels had swung as much as 4db with no change in optical input or in broadcast levels. My first assumption is always that something changed in the headend but when they moved the transmitters we had to reverify proper input levels so there shouldn't be any difference there. Also, some levels went up, others down and a few stayed the same. So, in theory, if headend rf input to the transmitters is the same, optical output of the narrowcast Edfa is the same, optical input to the nodes is the same and broadcast levels at the nodes didn't change, the only options I am left with are- someone at the headend doesn't know how to use their meter, thus levels actually changed (which is a possibility) or the lightplex in the vhub that controls broadcast/ narrowcast levels drifted all over the board in the 6 months since I last set it up. I hope it's the former option because I would really like to think this vhub is more stable than that, but I just don't know. 
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