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Aurora vhub
Anyone have an "older" aurora vhub where broadcast and narrowcast are combined in the field? I am having issues with narrowcast levels drifting. Some up, some down, supposedly "no changes" in levels from the headend, as if that could ever happen, but on more than one occasion after throughly and meticulously balancing broadcast/narrowcast levels and then coming back, the narrowcast has jumped up or down for no apparent reason, with no change in optical levels or broadcast levels. I considered temperature related, but some go up at the same time as others go down. I considered fiber issues but it is happening on multiple fibers. Ive thought maybe an issue with the lightplex but it is happening on more than one, and we have replaced one. I've considered the obvious possibility of headend changes, but the amount of variance I am seeing makes me hope that they would have noticed. Not that levels ever drift in any catv headends... Does anyone have any off the wall ideas on what the cause could be? The aurora rep who sold these things to my company said you could "set it and forget it". No field personnel believed him but it seems a bit excessive to need to rebalance this thing 3 to 4 times a year. 
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