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Trying to understand the correct way to set things up and I've done nothing but confused myself to no end. I'm pretty sure I'm making this much more difficult than it actually is! 

As an example, a node specifies 12dbmv/6mhz or -56dbmv/hertz. I want to use 3.2mhz channels. Doing the math leaves me with 12+log10(3.2/6) = 9.27dbmv  

Is that actually correct? My understanding is that the CMTS keeps a constant power per carrier which means (to me) if my level was at 12dbmv for a 6mhz carrier that when I change it to 3.2 the CMTS will increase the level 3db to 15. 

Do you attenuate each upstream port differently depending on channel width/modulation? 

Anyone who would be willing to go through an example with me here would be greatly appreciated!
And sorry for the really dumb questions, but I'm lost. 

Thanks for any and all help!
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