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Re: Exede Internet
No issues as far as the installation is concerned. The work is cyclical like satellite TV work. It slows down here late fall early winter. Then picks back up around late January, early February. Other than that, the work is consistent. The three customer-related issues I hear the most is 1) a lack of an integrated modem/wireless router (Hughes only provides the modem, the customer has to buy their own wireless router for tablet/cellphone usage), limited data (most are used to unlimited amounts coming from cable/DSL services, and the speed. Those dropping down from cable internet are the worst as they think they can get their bill cut in half but still game online and stream videos at the same download speeds. They're uninformed as to how internet works. That's not an issue withHughesNet service. Others who only have dial-up or just check emails. etc or are at the end of a DSL node and haven't had fast service anyway are pleasantly surprised with the speed. Most around here average 7-12 mbps down and just over 1mpbs up. I'd much rather be installing service to one modem only and verifying the service works on their phone or computer before leaving versus pulling cables to four TV's, programming remotes, waiting on receivers to download, customer education, going through the channel guide, trouble calls, etc. The big plus with HughesNet versus satellite TV is that when a customer calls in and says their TV isn't working, the CSR's have no way of troubleshooting it remotely. They have to try to interpret what the customer is trying to explain. HughesNet can run their test (OVT) remotely and determine if the service is up and running properly or not. Almost 100% of the time, if they get green lights (passed OVT) on their end they usually leave it up to the customer to figure out what they need to do on their network (PC, tablet, router) to fix the problem.
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