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Re: Connector problems effects on CMTS Upstream po
I'm not suggesting this is related to Cisco only, but I've experience that with thier CMTS/Switchbox and bundled jumper cable that goes from MCX to standard F-connections. Basically all I had to do is loosen up F-conn and reseat it to correct that problem. Most of the time we saw it cause the modems to TX high.

It was happening so often, I took a couple node feed and rewired them entirely. I verified from optical RX to the CMTS input to ensure it was at 75 Ohms and still had that problem come back. My though was dissimilar metal between RF patch panel and CMTS input which was a White Sands bundled jumper cabe that came from Cisco when we first installed them.

Last year we upgrade all of our CMTS's to Arris E6000 and have not run into a single problem related to the F-Connections like that. We deployed around 32 E6000 and not one issue at all. The installation model was similar minus the white sands jumper cable.
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