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Exede Internet
   Hey guys I have been installing satellite for a long time now and I am worried that the market may have run out and it might be time to switch.  People are always going to need internet even if they don't want a pay tv service.  People are also going to live rural where stuff like ATT and Cable internet are not an option.  I'm thinking about switching to doing Exede for a living.   
   I am reading all the negative reviews of Exede and Hughesnet online and am wondering if it is a good idea to get into this business.  I know how to properly install a satellite system so I can install a quality system.  But is the service as bad as all these reviews are indicating?  Or are people generally not reading the fine print and making poor choices?  I know it is not meant for people who have other options.  It's meant for rural customers who have no other options.  
   Generally speaking I do solid work.  I also want my customers to be happy when I leave.  I'm not a repo man is what I joke.  But I'm wondering if anyone knows how much demand there is for satellite internet service and if it can be made into a good product for customers.  If I get into this I would be relying on customer referrals for a good chunk of my business. Thanks for any input in advance.  
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