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Re: Question about stray voltage.
Invest in a voltage probe, I like the Klein available at Home Depot. In is the size of a fat pen and has an indicator light and audible warning that alerts you to an energized strand or vertical. Get in the habit of checking EVERY time you plan on going aerial BEFORE putting up your ladder. The probe does not react to powered cable so the only alert you will get will be something that should not have power on it. In 25 years I have never encountered a big issue on U/G plant...just the nature of the beast, most leaks leech into the surrounding earth before becoming a problem.

Power leaks can come from multiple sources...induction, backfeeds, grounds, etc. Induction is more cyclical and deadly as when discharged flows freely thru whatever or whomever completed the circuit. Backfeeds are usually homes that have improper grounds themselves and were incorrectly installed. Call your local power company and ask for them to check bonding in the area. They have the high dollar equipment that can detect things like this, plus likely will be able to detect power draw that is above specifications if it is induction.
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