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Re: New (Hopeful) Sub - In need of experienced adv

Thanks for the reply! I had a phone meeting with my Prime yesterday, and was e-mailed contracts, pay sheets, chargeback information, etc. Based on the numbers I was given, which was honestly higher than I expected, taking 15% still allows me to pay my guys what we had originally discussed.

I’m not sure if I mentioned, but the Prime I am working for provides quality control techs, warehousing, office access, and materials. Also, I was told they will not be taking a retainer or holding any paychecks, as they believe in being transparent and starting a relationship with trust…too good to be true? Lol.

I am still trying to figure out hidden expense. I know my LLC must hold general liability, workman’s comp, and umbrella insurance. My Prime said it will usually run 1500-2500/yr. for those. Beyond that, with the techs holding responsibility on their own insurance, vehicles, tools, etc. and the mso/prime providing materials and workforce management, I am still hunting down the expenses.

My s/0 is a financial accountant. She doesn’t believe that the expenses could be so limited.

Also, as I will only have a crew (starting) of 4 guys, I am planning entirely on working side by side. Routing is done through the Prime, Dispatch through the MSO, and QCing by both. I will probably only work 4 or 5 days a week, while my guys all signed up for 6. Leaving me 1-2 days for paperwork, meetings, and assistance.

My Prime seems on the up and up, and having been an employee of a sub for 5 years in this system, and having worked as in house directly for the MSO, I have a great understanding of the job and expectations.

Does anyone have any experience with an in-house (mso) technician leaving the MSO and subbing? Some warn of non-compete clauses, but coming to work for the same company (technically) as a sub, isn’t competition.

I do know two previous in-house (MSO) techs that were FIRED from the MSO, and were hired by a Prime within a month. Doesn’t seem like it’s an issue. Thoughts?


Thanks again everyone, it is refreshing to find so many helpful and honest people!

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