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Re: New (Hopeful) Sub - In need of experienced adv
All good points. Your percentage isn't enough.  But very few handing out paperwork and writing paychecks are worth 40-60% off the top either.  At your percenatge you will be able to spend anytime managing or you will be better off you working yourself.  It will take 20 of them to make what the money you coud make yourself, unless they are fast and you are really slow.  Also keep in mind if the Prime pulls retainage you will go in the hole everytime you write a check.  We made 10-15% off the top. most primes didnt take retainage
 I wouldn't work a group without weekly pay. And I don't mean 30-45 days before you start getting checks.  The power you think you have by having a group is gone once you are that far in the hole.  Like Lee said some don't sub sub relationships, and some do.  Make sure their insurance matches what you are required to have. Or you may pay the difference.
You can't determine their schedule . and they have the right to refuse work .  This is contrary to popular belief by MSO's coordinators and prime's supervisors. ( Although you may not get any work if you tell them that)
 A person managing several people should be worth more,, and that is something that should come from the Prime, providing your magaement  is what they want.
I wish you luck .  but for me personally the prices now adays are too low and there is usually too many hands  or hands in it are too big in the cookie jar already.  We worked a bunch of subs 15 years ago,15+ people its alot of work.  We decided we liked it better small.   Some people like the feeling of being in charge and giving orders, we didn't.
I guess its what ever floats your boat.  As I said good luck to you either way you decide.
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