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Re: New (Hopeful) Sub - In need of experienced adv
Make sure you do the following items....

Have a contract with each one of your 1099 with a signed W-9 on file.

Do not set hours if possible for them to show up - let the company you are working for define that if needed.

Do not advance your 1099's money such as per diem for meals, which might be considered a benefit.
 If you buy or front them eqipment needed to perfrom their jobs, make sure you have it set on a per month or so payment plan so as they own the gear fairly soon.  I say these as crossing any of these can have those people determined to be " Employee Status " if you are audited, and the work compensation people are doing more audits as they simply need the revenue.

And the person that mentioned paying out 90 percent was dead on - you need more income then 10 percent to run your business especially for the ups and downs of invoicing and payments being untimely. 

Best of luck.
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