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Re: New (Hopeful) Sub - In need of experienced adv

I guess I am a little ignorant on terminology. My MSO is Charter. There are 2 major(PRIME??) contracting companies working for them in my area. One does a hourly +prod. commision style, the other does "in-house" or hires out additional subs.

The hourly pay isnt great for either, and the 2 sub to sub companies that are hiring, take a massive cut from their ICs, including directing all chargebacks directly to the tech (this includes a $60 chargeback per TC above 2%, which is 4% lower then the MSO charges back for)

I have 4 techs currently signed up with me, 3 of which, are currently working for the two main subs(primes?), and 1 is working for a current sub of a main sub(prime). Two are already 1099. None are too pleased with their situation. There is easily a 25% payout difference between the two ICs. I have the contracts, payouts, chargebacks, etc. from all of these current subs and secondary subs, and already have an offer from one of the main subs. The scale I was offered, would be a substantial pay raise for my techs.

We are all in the same boat, we love our industry, but the current employers are making it very difficult. By subbing work from one of the main subs, we have more control over a lot of situations. These guys are not so much "working for me" as we are all partners... I am just the one who is doing to leg work to get "our"/"my" company started.

I am taking on the task and risk of; starting the LLC, insuring, contracts, negotiations, etc.

I have full faith in my techs, and believe that done the right way, they will benefit as well.

long winded.. hope that answers your question!

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