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Re: UBEE modem dashboard
OK boyos-here's the deal. The IP address to get into the Ubee U10C018 is, you then sign in using the default username and PW of user/user. Once in the dashboard gives you several choices. In my case the DS level was 0.0 dBmv at 609 MHz. And that's pretty nice. However, my US at 36.5 MHz was 52.5 dBmv. That is not good. So it looks like I'm going to have to give the stinkeye to my in house path. That means the attic for sure which if I go up there early in the morning won't be that God awful bad. A great thing to do first thing Saturday morning. I suspect an unneeded 3 way is up there. That may give me as much as 4 dB if the modem is on one of the two down legs. Thanks for all your input.
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