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Re: partner with a Prime
Good honest primes and good honest subs work, especially when they appreciate each other.
My dad was a contractor when most on heres, parents were in diapers.
As far a premadonna. I have seen a bunch myself.  There is nothing I can't do except splice telehone and sweep. But I choose to do what I can make a living at. And I wouldn't drive to alot these jobs for what is paid to have them done, and that is if I got what the prime got. That mentality makes alot of people think some of us are premadonnas.  But we are in business to make money.  And I could care less if a job ever gets done if I have to loose money to get it done.  Some say "good with the bad" Bump that!! thats always coming from  someone that has to get it done, and the prime doesn't usually adjust their % lower ,because the sub is losing money.  So they still make $.  That is junk!!  Alot think geting the work and handing it out is the hard part.  While getting the work and supervising it is a super important part,  Getting it done right and on time that is what really matters. Too many have forgot ( or never knew at all ) what is like doing some of this work.  Alot need a reality check and need to get out there and do some what they are handing out.  They may be more appreciative of their help. And just because someone has "stomptheirfeetatosis doesn't make the job really get done any faster.  Good people working for you give it their best, because its the right thing to do, not because they are job scared.  We have all seen those types before too.
 We had 17 splicers once. The heck with that. I like worring about me. I have done plenty of 20-30hr shifts . on no sleep or just a few hours. but those are going to be getting alot fewer and further between. Getting older.
 Most get 40-60%. And thats the part the subs know about.   There are some pretty creative ways to get that. Like there are line items that  charged that the subs don't know about. I have worked places that did that, I am sure we all have.
I work for a Good Group  now myself, contractor and MSO coordinators included.  And I like working for good people.   A little aggrivating  from time to time( I guess we all can be) with all the urgencies, but good people.  My pay is right and on time. And they will help us Subs (within reason) if we have a truck or other problems. I'm satisfied being a sub, with my group.
Treat people as you want to be treated.  Your grunt today may be your boss tommorrow.  And never forget "mean people and a=s holes suck !!!" aand noone really like either!
Good luck to all
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