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Re: partner with a Prime
With some of the real PRIMES they do. He has no more liability than I do although he too will be sued if something happens, but thats part if the business. And thats why we all have insurance. With alot of the policies that require the prime/customer to be Idemnified or held harmless in event of a accident. They have very little responsibility if your insurance carrier wrote the policy as such.This is America where we are sue happy, and they go after "DEEP POCKETS"  first
Most of these primes are no better than the subs working for them.  When they make you wait until they get paid before they pay you, well that is weak (softly put).
 As a sub,  personally I want to work for someone with more money than I have. Or atleast one that doesn't require my money to keep operating because they can't do it on their own money.
It would be a good thing for long term if  one/both side(s) don't keep pecking away at each other. Which has been my expierence in the past.  Time one thinks they have the upper hand they start trying to take advantage of the other.
Good luck to you
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