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Re: What are the average Drop/direct Bury prices?

FWIW here are some prices Ive worked for in the past :

1) Flat rates of $60 per drop plus $4 per ft for road bores.
2) Flat rate of $75 extra for bores.
3) Flat rate of $85 per job...No extra for bores
4) Per foot rate of .90 at 6" depth, 1.30 per foot rate at 18" depth and $3 per foot bore

Some areas pay substantially less (Ive seen jobs for as low as $45 per drop flat rate!) and as high as $100 flat rate (the catch was it was very rocky and hilly in West VA and you'd  be lucky to do 2 or 3 jobs per day!)....note these prices are prices working directly for a prime contractor....If you sub from a sub your pay will be less since everybody down line from the prime takes a chunk out.

I would love to be paid what a prime gets paid!

Hope this helps....It would be interesting to see what others get...

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