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Direct TV Wireless Video Bridge affects Wifi
Hey all, we have diagnosed a problem that is KILLING wifi at our customers sites.  (motorola sbg900)

Direct TV is acting like they know nothing, but we can confirm it kills wifi.  I'm not sure if their transmitter overwhelms the receivers on customer devices (phones, tablets etc) or on the wifi unit itsefl.  I'm a 30 year tech veteran and have without a doubt proven they are the problem.  Not much out there publicy and direct tv will deny deny deny until we go to the customer site.

Pretty easy to test.  Run a speed test on the customer device, looks like crap, unplug the wvb, full bandwidth, plug it back in, back to intermittent crap, unplug, back to normal.  According to specs it looks like it's in 5.8 but the radio output from the thing has to be making SNR go nuts.  Funny thing is the WVB is so they can go wireless and it's easier for them to just use coax.  WVB is common on the Genie units.

Anyone else having this problem or have feedback?
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4/21/2015 9:32:43 PM
massive coax