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Re: , .Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
The trunk line does not pass through a amp until it gets to amp 16. It just goes in and out on the input leg of the amp. 4  on the input side of the coupler, the rest run through a dc8 and a dc12. I'm going out tomorrow to check the connectors and 2 couplers and see if I can find out why the levels are off.   I've found a few loose screws and a copuple bad taps/couplers already, sounds like I have another one or two on the upper end of the system. 

Once the levels are set up properly, I'm guessing take the EQ down to 0, check the levels and put in a EQ so all the numbers line up the way they should. 

You've given me a lot of good info, most I had already read but not digested fully. Talking it out let it all sink in. With a live system I can't make a mistake as it will cause a lot of headaches until it can be fixed, especially at the first couple of amps in a trunk line. I do thank you and everyone else. 

To answer other comments, yes I have pads, had to order them but I have them 
I don't have EQ's but I will, you gotta know what to do with them before you use them.  

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