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Re: charter is buying brighthouse

Verizon Tampa Florida... the only seemingly success by phone company to embrace new technology media... was running coaxial back in 90s and been fiber to the home since early 2000s... has offered competive or better services than its CATV Competiters and i believe it has been the bread and butter for its growth. i remember when in North Carolina Verizon telco did not even offer call waiting, and it was literally long distance calls across street in some areas... where Southern bell was local in reverse, and call waiting... Verizon was a small scale telco then in 1984... kudos to them for thier forward thinking and customer consideration for services.

so many other telcos even today are just dinosaurs and thier only saving grace is they are so rural it is not cost effective for competitors to come into thier areas... Such as Fairpoint in Maine... they charge double the rate for internet and serve 1/4 the speed or service as coaxial... and do not offer any Television service over Copper... The Best thier Customers can hope for is the Pairs fail to a point the company sells out at giveaway price to someone who is willing to bring something worthwhile to the region.

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