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Re: , .Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
levels are flexing cause your running thermals and agc's that are not setup properly, put all the gainmakers  S1 switch to slot 2 will be in manual mode and get rid of moving levels and as for hum test specs needs to be 3% or less as per comcast on ch 61, any hum probs usually has connect issues, fittings ,seizsure screws, powerpack distortion ect. also theres a 60 Hz and a 120 Hz hum test, need to look at both of them, i wouldnt test the hum till u have the levels tweeked

also found your problem, at (AMP 4) FWD EQ is a inverse EQ thus knocking down the high channels and your high channels fail from this point onward, replace FWD input EQ to a 10.5 that looks just like the one in the interstage EQ, and pad levs down to the same as HE amp levels,im thinking  12 input pad instead of the thats 20 in it,, hit me back
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