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, .Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
Amp 12 has issues, need to look at the amp that feeds it (amp 11) inputs are way low on amp 12. since your meter is running 0 test point comp, gainmaker level for channel 2 is 35 db which makes your MAIN OUT PORT levels to be 15 db on channel 2 using your meter, since your plugging into -20 test point, so -5Db on your meter is the cutoff for good input levels . so 15 db MAIN OUT port (on your meter) is target output for channel 2, and 23db MAIN OUT port on channel 81,  8 tilt between channel 2 and 81

when u have all amps running MAIN OUT port ch 2 = 15Db  and channel 81=23DB with your meter at 0 down, your in spec, how we gonna get there from here ?

after relooking at your sheet and understanding your design, AMP 4 needs forward EQ like 8 or higher to get channel 2 8db down from ch 81, so always take channel 81's level subtract 8 from it and thats what channel 2 should be EQ'd to run at, then tweak the pads till its running 15 over 23, also like to mention if all the amps outputs run the same as the headend amp outputs, it would be perfectly balanced :)

make sure the S1 switch in all amps is aimed at 2, thats manual mode, it needs to be setup in manual mode first before flipping the thermal 1 or agc on 3
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