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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
I put my signal levels at the bottom. I started to take more than 4 but figured that was enough to get a pretty good picture of what's going on and I haven't seen a way to made adjustments to the tilt in the middle, it looks like it's a linear progression from low to high.  

I have found a couple of bad taps/couplers and one bad connector on the hardline.
Everything is covered and have seen no evidence of water/corrossion etc. We are on the coast and know everything is suspect to salt water damage. I hadn't considered a tap at the wrong freq, and that's the sort of information I came here looking for. There is at least one I should probably take a look at, it looks to be much older than the rest of the equipment onsite. It's on a trunk line near the beginning of the run. 

I took readings at ch 2/30/81/100 with 81 being the high analog. The CMTS is running between 630 and 730mhz.  

The left column is grouped by amps with the input on the first line and the outputs grouped below that. The right column is the coupler values and/or what the first stage amp pad is set to. Most of these amp outputs are feeding a single building, through a dc2 and one or two dc14's depending on port requirements. It's mostly less than 100ft of .625 from the amp to the building. There is only 1 or two amps that the trunk line actually runs through, most are tied to the input of an amp through a coupler back out again.  The list starts at the Head end and walked the coax to the end. All levels here are at -20db.   Most all EQ's are at 10.5, there are a couple of 8.5's at at least one that I need to look up when I get that far down in the plant. It's different. 

What is more important the output of the amp or the input levels on the building?

AMP 6  
.4/-.2/-.8/2.4 DC12 Tap/FWD IN 8
13.3/116.8/19/22 AMP Pad 7
14/15.5/15.5/18/21 AMP Pad 7
AMP 4   
5.5/-2.2/-2.8/-1.0 20
11/3.3/5.6/7.2 4
13/6.2/8.1/10.1 2
AMP 12   
-6/-14.8/-24/-21 dc8v   12
7/2.3/-1.7/0 2
3/-1/-6/-3.5 6
2.6/-1.3/-6/-3.5 6
AMP 16   
0/-11.6/-2.5/-2.5 0
1.0/-2.5/-7.7/-4.5 13
13/10/4.5/7.0 1
12/9.5/4.1/7.0 1
-1/-12.7/-21.4/17.3 dc8  14
11/1.5/-5.5/-2 2
12.6/3.1/-3.6/0 4
4.3/-10/-22/-20 dc12     0
15/8/3/6 7
15/8/3/8 3
20/13/8/12 2
7.2/-5.2/-9.4/-6.6 DC 12  14
15/5.9/3.2/8.? 1
13.4/4.3/1.2/4.3 4
16/7.1/3.8/8.0 1
16.5/3.9/-6.9/-3.4 6
27.6/22.1/18.3/2.4 2
21/14.4/10.4/15.4 9
19.6/14.0/10.2/14.4 1

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