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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
Without seeing the system, general rule is with that much loss between channel 2 and 81, which are the two ends spectrum wise.  When you have loss on the highend of analog it's usually water in something or an eq that is the wrong freq.  It could be something cut in backwards. could be you have a tap or splitter that is the wrong freq and won't pass those really high ananlogs.  I agree with Kkanuk you've got to check more than two channels.  I'd pick a channel in the middle of each spectrum for the analogs, that would be a minumum of 4,  while you're setting up and see where the roll off starts.  According to what I've read so far you're not overspaced and gainmaker is a great amp so it has to be something else that's causing this much loss.  Rule of thumb start at the simpliest thing and work toward the hardest, not the other way around.  That's comes from 30 plus years of chasing problems in the field in small to mid size systems. Good luck
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