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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
The trunk goes in and out, some tied to the input to a dc8 coupler which feeds the amp and some that feeds in, and the amp and the output trunk line is running through the dc8 so both are dropped 8db. The main reason for this question is trying to find out if there is any theoretical or pratical loss in a splice that is tied to a dc8 coupler input but not passing through it. I can see a db or so loss but have not measured it and think it would be considered a no loss connection. 

I saw your post farther down this list. This site was put together by an electrical firm that is no longer around. There is no site diagram, master level sheet or any other documentation on this site. The site expanded and renumbered the site so even the markings on the cables and amps are wrong. I know the place needs help and i'm willing to take a shot at it. At least one of your so called good guys could only say tear it all out and start again which isn't happening. I've been working with all kinds of technical equipment for years and coax for over 40. This cable TV work is somewhat of a challenge and I'm enjoying it so don't bust my chops. Part of the reason for my questions is to allow those on this site to share their knowledge, part is to document this for others like myself who want to learn the finer points of the trade. I've got a lot of experience with RF amps that deal with one freq at a time, 
you don't have to worry about tilt or padding or damping down the coax to get levels into the amp at the right level. All the calculations are simple adding and subtracting, we don't have to worry about signal phase, velocity factors, or other  fine points of RF engineering. I do not mind taking a little crap as a part of a learning experience but trust me I am far from clueless. I may not be an expert at CATV but I will be when I am done.  I do thank you for your answers and hope they keep coming. 

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