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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
it was early this morning and I did get the first amps number wrong.

 I am shooting for a -2 to -5 on the input to the amp.
The 4db is at ch 3 and 2.4 at 100. The lower channels are analog and the CMTS is using freqs above channel 100.
The second amp has a -6 at 3 and a -21 at ch 100. The highest analog channel is 81 at -24. I understand the digital levels should be about 6db below the analog carriers, this site is running at what seems like 10db or more hotter than the analog.  

It's working now, maybe barely but working and I'm hoping its condition/levels/etc is from ignorance and not because of something thats happened before any of the current staff came onboard. 


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