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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
that is rather say you have 4 coming in, birdman is correct thats actually 24 not not 16 but your only giving one level is that ch2 ? if so whats your level at 860? and is that analog or digital? depending on the system your digital qam could be as much as 8db lower than the broadcast so its important to know that and you need to know at least 3 channels to balance properly a low ch your pilot and something near 860mhz analog or qam will do.... yes it would be easier with a 20 db comp in,  your meter should have that option in the menu, if not remember to add 20db to all your measuements easy math always add the 20 .. also you should be setting up the main port or trunk out, depending on what the spec is for the system your working in the other 2 ports or dist should fall within 2 db of their dist spec.... the reason you should set up on the main port is because that is the dedicated trunk port and will have a lower gain than the other 2 ports, dont forget about your pods 1 in manual or position 2 and 1 in auto or position 3 ..... Ive never heard of a dc8 tap? if your referring to a dc8 coupler then the 8db loss makes sense if the output is on the tap leg and not the through leg, if the through leg is terminated and you need the 8 db just remove it and splice the cable through
btw no such amp exists that has 2 inputs that I have ever seen certainly not the SA gainmaker 
hope that helps??   good luck 
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