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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
I've been working on measurement etc trying to get things together and tighten the site up. With a list of levels into all the amps I am finding these levels.

They are all at the -20db test point on the amp. 

4 at test point which makes the signal 16db which is good but then the amp is padded with a 8db pad which takes my signal level down to 8db for the amp. Is this correct?

Another amp in the line has a -6db at the test port = 14db but then the input is padded with a  12 pad which brings the input down to 2db?

I have some amps that hardline on the  input of the tap going back out on the input of the other side of the amp. I'm guessing there is little to no loss on that connector.

When the hardline runs in to and out of a dc8 tap there is a 8db loss from one hardline to the other.

Does my math and signal logic look right?


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