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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
skimmed quickly through all the posts ...I think your trying to figure out how to balance this active to get your high end up ... depending on the system and the specs of the provider the 10.5 eq at the interstage seems high for 870 build, but that would come already installed out of the box as would your agc pads which are generally 4 or 8 at least thats what they are here and we use a 7.5 for interstage eq, having said that all you would need to do is figure out is your prestage eq  which will be determined by your inputs, these amps are very finicky so you must hit the first hybrid flat to balance them properly...  those input levels do seem extremely low it will be hard to achieve your outputs, however you do have 2 pods that can be turned up 1 in manual 1 in auto they generally adjust about 4 to 1 at 870,  if your high end is still low check your eq's there could be a cs (inverse eq) installed somewhere in error thats killing your high band or perhaps old equip still in place ie: active, passive, or accessories that are not 1000g? 
Return padding on these amps should all be 0 with only main pad being what you need to acheive your level..  My opinion would be to replace them with an Arris product 
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