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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
Here's a pic of one of them at th bottom of message. When I wrote the first message I had thought they were 750's, they are 870's. I know my levels are wrong in at least the first half of the system, from what I have read I should be at somewehre around 8 on the input side.

My levels in the headend are all level and have proper levels in and out for the amp
in the headend.  One of the things that bothers me about this site is there is a subscriber amp between the head end equipment and the gainmaker mounted in the headend. There is a 10db or so loss between the coupler from the power supply injector to the tap on the input side of the head end amplifier. The tap is also on backwads, out the in and in the out. It's only about 20ft of .625 The amp was put there to bring the levels back up for the gainmaker.
 Is that kind of loss normal though the power injector?

It helps to try to read the return path from the return test port, the signals are all there.
What else I found there is what sounded like a shortwave radio more than a cable system. There was some stations showing up at 6db. Even found WWV at 25mhz
loud and clear the first time I heard it. There is a huge noise source somewhere below 5mhz - as far down as my analyer will read.  I read the power supply on both DC and AC and did not see any DC, could that power supply be putting noise on the system?
Would I expect a single problem to be letting that much noise in or a problem for each of the loudest signals?

There is a DTV MDU setup in the head end analog plus a CMTS and the site also started letting DTV and Dish into the individual apartments with a community dish on the building. The sat signal is being diplexed in and out after the tap. It all seems to work together.

I"m really starting to enjoy this now that I am getting a grip on things. 

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