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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
im thinking your running sytem 3's , do they look like this  

also like to say that if ch 80 is a qam channel it should run 8-10 db colder than the analogs, and if it is sa3's your running, dont forget the test point is -20 db, so ch 3 will be running at 6 db but the ch 80 is running low by 7db (if ch 80 is a qam,im guessing)

plan of attack

1 goto headend check all levels are flat and no c/n probs and proper level difference on analogs vs qams levels , per your Equipment

2 if fiber transport is used, check the RF input on the transmitter and all light levels are in spec

3 the 1st sa3 amp from the headend (if 625 coax leaves head end) check FWD input levels and output levels, its been a while since i messed with sa3 but i was setting my amps up by doing the math on input levels @ 18 db (analog ch2), so if i had 22 db comming in on my input, i put a 4 pad on the FWD input slot, now were 18 db hitting the amp, check your specs

 4 the next amp in cascade from the headend to the next amp in cascade ect ect do the same at step 3 (if no fiber)

is there directv involved in this mdu ? also if you want to see 5-42Mhz modems hitting plug spectrum into main rev out port, seems like u need a special injector probe for these amps for injecting rev, watch pulling this probe out. it will pull the card off the mobo if your not watching it, also like to mention the pads on this amp have a tendency to break off the little copper pin off in the pad slot and then your in deep trouble real quick unless u have spare amp mobo

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