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Re: Gainmaker Fine Tuning + ETC
I spent the day taking a look and documenting what's here, signal levels, etc. 
The site all 870's with a 40/52 split. There were both high gain  dual and balanced triple's.
Is that a fancy way to identify number of ports on the amp or is there more to it?

Some of them had AGC marked on the front but no AGC pads are installed, is it turned off or just not padded?

What do you guys think about a tap that has 26db at ch 3 and 9db at ch 80? Thats
the hottest tap I saw today. It's known there was or is some kind of problem with this building and these levels seem different. It's thought there is or was some kind of cable damage. 

As a general statement, It looks like the signal is cranked up, sent to the tap, dampend down again and sent to the customer.  Is this typical? Most of the .625 runs off the amps are less than 50ft and first look tells me the input of the amp could have been split to the two or 3 taps and had enough signal level to work. A couple we were sitting on the doghouse box for the amp and reading levels at the building tap. 

If we are only using up to around 700mhz what's the advantage (or disadvantage?) of having 870's? Does the additional spectrum make the amplifiction easier or cleaner?

Thanks and please continue the answers and info!



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massive coax