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I've got a small cable plant supplying a 400+ apt complex that I have been working on. 
Most of the amps are around 6-1k feet apart and has no real maintenance since it was built in the early 2000's. Currently supplying analog TV, A CMTS and Directv diplexed in at the tap for individual units.  

Most all technical reference materials have somewhere in the mddle of the discussion to  reference the design print, and when asking where it is, The caretaker ask back "whats a design print".

We are going to have to make one when we get all the levels where they should be. 

I know there should be 10-15db  at the input of the amps which we have. 

Reading the levels down the line the high end needs to get bumped up to equalize the output at the customer tap.  Most all amps have a EQ pad at 10.5. How often is the tilt adjusted in these amps to correct signal issues. Most of the high end drops off pretty good at the customer tap. 

I'm also reading about adjusting interstage padding to acheive the desired output. 

What is the best way to get the slope even across the band for optimum signal levels?

What else do I need look for when trying to balance and tune the system?

Without the specific sweep generators for a CATV system what can be used to balance the return?
I've read about a white noise generator to put a signal in the return path but that does not seem like the best way to go about this. 


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