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elevated noise floor
Our system has a 20db elevated noise floor consistent with electronics noise..

I've chased this down to an LE (1ghz Arris)

Reverse input test point shows no ingress. Rev. out does.. Problem must be bad mod.. NO!

This LE feeds a dc12

watching field view on my DSAM i pulled the dc faceplate. Noise gone!

This mod is fused to power a forward only mini node (Jail house).. The mini node is not bonded.

My Question..

Why is it that i can't see ingress off of rev. in or any noise when using a port probe. And is there some kind of hard line filter i can install on the output of the DC.. (The mini node runs off of fiber and doesn't need forward or reverse signal)..

At this point I've replaced the housing to housing and the fitting at both end of the mini node power feed. There are 2 90's that im going to replace Monday granted i don't get called out on this this weekend.
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