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Need some help
I need some assistance. I have a customer that is off a fiber node (only 2 customers off the node and no way to easily combine onto another node) that recently went offline and no other modems will connect. The other customer is connecting just fine. I have a Trilithic 1G DSP meter and I cannot get the cm on the meter to connect, it will get the DS signal, but will not range to the upstream frequency. Funny thing is, I even tried it on the other customer's drop (the one that is online) and it won't connect. I take it to any other drops on different nodes and no issues.
RF levels are fine,(the one customer online is 5db DS and 41db US) Optical levels are good. I can't get anything else to connect. I've replaced the tap, everything but the node. Could it be the node?? Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.
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massive coax
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