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Re: Independent contractor for comcast


 You need to talk to Comcast management on if they will take on another contractor. They go thru these contractor reduction phases where they'll reduce the contractors from like 20 down to 6 to consolidate companies to reduce invoices.


Depending on what you want to do, construction, installs, construction specialist(pc) that'll depend on how much insurance you'll need. I have my own company that contracts to Comcast but as a PC. I have to have 5 different insurances, which if you'll do outside work will be more than I pay.


Depending on what you do depends on when you get paid. Capital labor work is about 60-90 days out. pC work is known as "specialty services" so its paid 30 days out. It took about 7 weeks to get my 1st invoice paid, but after they catch up to each other so my invoices get paid weekly.

You'll need some money to live on for about 2-3 months before you get paid, but i would talk to Comcast management out there to see what they'll offer. Trust me, it may say Comcast is one, but every office, region is different from each other.

Hope this helps.

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