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Re: Unitek Global Services Bankruptcy
the debtors in these chapter 11 cases, along with the last 4 digits of each debtors federal taxpayers id # are; UniTek Global Services,Inc,(3445),UniTek Holdings,Inc,(4120),UniTek Midco,Inc(5642),UniTek Acquistions,Inc,(4123),Nex-link USA Communications,Inc.(9084),UniTek USA,LLC(0279),Pinnacle Wireless USA,Inc,(1746),DirectSat USA,LLC(3465),FTS USA,LLC(6247),Advanced Communications USA,Inc(0091). For the avoidence of doubt, Wirecomm Systems(2008) Inc.(FKA UniTek Canada),an affiliate of the debtors and wholly owned subsidiary of UniTek USA,LLC, is not a Debtor in the chapter 11 cases. The Debtors' main corprate address is 1777 Sentry Parkway West, Gwynedd Hall,Suite 302, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 19422.
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