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Re: What does piece rate mean and what is a good r
As others have asked, "been doin' this long?"

My view = Piece rate means you get paid for completed units. In cable work each address work order lists what is wanted...go do it..get paid a fixed amount. Spend the day riding up and down the cable plant knocking on doors of people who are not home and get paid nothing (rare). Work well and fast and get paid well.

With satellite work....ride all over the map; drive more than you work and you can starve. 

You need to have control of where you have to go to do the piece work. You have to know how much is possible. There is no "good" rate. You have to be able to drop jobs too far away to make money and know what you can accomplish when you arrive at a job site. From there, add profit to costs and compare it to what piece rate is offered.

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