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Re: Trying to start my my own company where do I s
If your a sub you should have everything you really need to start your own business.
I would defantely want to have a few techs with me when I talk about taking work from other contractors our there. 
What makes you better than what they got?
Are you in an underserved market?
Do you know the other guys weakspot?
How is your coverage?
How long can you go without getting paid and making sure your guys are getting paid?

These are some of the questions I would be thinking about.  Before you get that contract
I would be putting myself in position to make sure my guys are working before I start a cortact like that.  At least part time so that could add to full time work for them. 
Can't have guys and no work.

So what I would do is work the dealer side.  Sales/installs/residuals. (don't know if this is practical for you)
Build a team. Then go to those guys and let your team help build your rep.

get to know the field operations personel.  Never hurts for them to give a good word.

I would also talk to someone about getting their contract requirements if not the actual contract.

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