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10/18/2014 12:26:47 AM
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Re: Trying to start my my own company where do I s
I'm not sure if you have any sub' s working for you. If not I would start there, build a company, of  at least 5 somewhat trustworthy  guy,s. get trucks if you can afford them, you can lease them to your sub,s( I hAve a few for sale if you ate interested) then try and get close with some managers and hint around to see if they can help you get in the door. Be Warned, if he contractor you are getting work from finds out you are trying to cut him out, they will well, not be happy.. They insurance is from 2mil-5mil,, not much more than if you were subbing from the prime. The payout 30 -90 days, but if ey will let you in as a newer contractor you maybe able to get the 30 day payout.   Good luck
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