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Re: Wreck out of abandoned power lines
Myself and Jim Fyre once had an opportunity on a western union line to be removed from KC to Abilene running along side abandoned RRX. We could get the job for a $1 per mile and all salvage rights, had to remove everything:Multi Steel Wires/Insulators/xarms/poles.  Once we sit down and starting figuring it all was not worth the salvage rights.  To much long distant wreck out, sorting the poles/xarm/wire, selling the items.  We declined the offer last Time I was in the area, the run was still there.
Don't wait on here for a reply: just sit down, figure out your equipment, time to wreck out, haul the material, store it, find a buyer.  Labor-Fuel-Ins-equipment-trailer-winch-days.
I can tell you...$.10 WON'T EVEN COME CLOSE WITH TODAY COST.          
good luck with it...just be safe.

*I leased my land to gas/oil Chesapeake energy  Utica Shale Region Ohio  $5100AC 20% Royalties.

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