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Re: Exede fullfillment contract
You would think it would be easy. I have never worked with Exede but I can tell you a little how the contractor thing works.

In an employer / employee world you work and are paid. The employer pays you and all other costs. What is left is his. The profit (or loss) is the owner's reward for good management. Employees just get wages.....profitabe or not.

So what has been done in the name of management efficiency is making everybody a business. Each indivitual pays for insurance, tools and supplies. IF they work well the money they get will cover all costs and leave profit for the individual contractor.

It is when the so called individual contractor business discovers he cannot do enough piece work to cover all costs....he attempts to find you and others like you. You help cover the contractor costs as the one you are dealing with covers the costs of the client.

It is smoke and mirrors. It protects the client and lowers his costs. Instead of trying to go around all the subcontractors....calculate how much you would have to produce to break even at your current level of much to make any money each day?

Make you plan from that point of view.

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