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Re: Adss Prices
I'm Ohio Based: Did Main Line 98 count ADSS for AEP Charleston WVA to Ashland KY as with 244 count around Knoxville, KY, around Cleveland, around Indy, around Chicago.  We framed 12" below Netrl, using special hardware (who provides it-?), installed 3/8" strand (check your spec's)for back loops/snowshoes, pulled side guy/de and installed a few anchors, grounded system, riser down for splice in ped, riser back up. Crew averaged 21,000 for the week with bucket truck and 4-6 men, we used a figure 8 machine, lots of 2/W communications and winched in most of it, so easement won't make much differents:  Price construction only to install what ever is required:  $1.68-$2.25 Per Fiber Ft.  Labor only-they provide all materials. Reminder-you dead end right on the fiber, special thru clamps, special DE hardware, after tension-go back tighten clamps.  Better read your spec's.  Once you get the hang of goes pretty good. Lots of documentation, as built infor, some want GPS every pole.   If you need any more help:  DBA: Micro Network Service Group......I'm pretty much retired now!
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