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Re: Can anyone tell me how to obtain a contract?
Being that you are under a new account shows you are possibly scared to reveal your real account in fear of possibly being embarrassed. But if you dont have something to hide you may want to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Are you finiacially stable to take on a Prime contract?- Be honest with yourself. Can you afford to handle payroll, office space, utlities, insurance FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS without being paid by the prime? Not to mention other Misc start up costs!

2) Do you have a team of techs that will follow you anywhere that can handle a start up project? This is alot easier to obtain but can be risky if you are depending on Cabl bar to supply your workforce.

3)*** This is the most crucial question so pay close attention...
Do you know anyone that has the control over the contracts that would be willing to let you in the door? Again this is the most important question because this is the determing factor if you would ever be able to gain a prime position. Not saying you won't  just happen to be the right place at the right time.

Time Warner and Cable One would usually let a smaller contractor in during peak season called a Temp contract or Secondary contract?  Just food for thought!

I gave away enough information for free. Good luck on your journey!

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