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Re: Multiband pay structure -Ark/La/Tex
Looking for any type of documentation to help prove that sons dad doesn't make $10 per hr after training period.  He is a 10yr experienced tech.  Has a history of quitting jobs to avoid paying guideline support.  I am not trying to "take him to the cleaners" only asking that he pay based on his actual income rather than training wages.  Every time the gather his wages and bring him in on an enforcement motion he moves, the case gets transferred and he cries that he again has limited, or no income.  

I know you cable guys stick together and I admire that.  I respect that some of you might say screw that crazy bish!  We protect our own! 

Then again, most of you probably take care of your kids instead of trying to hide income.  I would be less inclined to seek enforcement if actually visited with, or took the time to call his son. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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