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Re: Cable TV Worker Falls to His Deat
 That is so true. Been doing it since 1981 - 2005. Always use the SAFETY belt and LANYARD. It saved me at least 4 times from being dead or a cripple.My ladder got taken out from under me when I was in a midspan attachment. Next thing I know im hanging by my strap. Shimmied down the strand to the pole and climbed down the pegs. Drunk never seen my cones or bright red ladder and drove around my truck to hit the ladder. A little beat up butI was alive. I still see guys not using there belts,I don't get it. I'm here now because I used my safety Equipment. I would rather laugh about it afterword's then to have some one call my family because I'm hurt or dead. Safety first!      My prays go to his family.

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