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Re: Cable TV Worker Falls to His Deat
Why was he out at 8:00 PM -   what type of work was he doing  - where was his truck parked- did he have safety hat/vest on -  did he have cones out indicating a work zone - any flags-beacons-lights on or around his ladder - did the ladder have hooks - if he fell apparently he was either not belted off or he was climbing or descending the ladder - was there any witness - did they test for drugs/booze - was he working alone - what Brand  and type of ladder was he climbing - 30ft sounds pretty high so a 28footer would not of been used - most likely a 32-36ft which I've "Very Seldom" if ever seen on a cable job-
was he a sub or in house guy.

End result lets all hope he had sufficent insurance for his arrangement as with some long term for the family.

Prayers for them all !                            Be Safe- At Work - At Play - Always

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