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Cable TV Worker Falls to His Deat


Cable TV Worker Falls to His Deat

A subcontractor for Cablevision died after the ladder he was standing on was hit by a car. Valentine Campbell, 39, hit the pavement after falling 30 feet from the ladder, which was resting on a utility pole on Scarsdale's River Road. 

After Campbell fell, the Queens man was taken to Westchester Medical Center, where he later died. The incident happened at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. 


Investigators say a 65-year-old man accidentally hit the ladder, then drove to his home to call 911.

"... his home is a couple of hundred feet from the accident scene. He then returned to the scene to meet the police," said Scarsdale Police Det. Lt. Thomas Altizio.

There were no traces of chemicals in the 65-year-old man's system, and no charges have been filed against him.

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