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Re: Major Blow to FL Cable Company handed down tod
Yeah, I to say continue to let them rob you... take it like a man. LOL

To give Knight some credit, this forum is heavy moderated for Knight posts and deleted all the time.  

But I have scene a decrease of pissed of techs since this suit, It has caused some positive changes not only how Knight treats it workers now "still being paid the same" with the way routes are handed out, charge backs and techs being treated better. 

Also I might ad the hours worked is less.  

So, RandJCable this is a step in the right direction.  I have not scene anyother company have such a bad rep in the industry and have so much control in the area.  This company is going to be made an example of and model HOW NOT TO RUN YOUR EMPIRE or you will FALL.

Id like to hear from current techs on work conditions, we all know how it was.

Most 90% of the techs on this suit were the backbone and core for years.  Not hacks or misfits but ones who came to work everyday and worked dawn till dusk slining cable in some of the worst conditions eating shit at every turn to make a living for there family. 

To wimps, pussies and cry babies when most worked over 5 years some 8-10 years.  We call techs cry babies when they want a day off, cant do a time frame or bitch about how a job took 6 hours on a monster job and only got paid 30 bucks.  But hey we all have opinions.

Famous saying when billing codes are signed off.   TAKE THE GOOD WITH THE BAD!!!  LOL  

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