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Re: Major Blow to FL Cable Company handed down tod

The people on the case range from Asst Manager, Supervisor's "lead or consultant", PC techs, installers and service.  Pretty much all areas of from being on the top of the food chain to the new guy.  

It was not about getting shity routes, it was mostly management and I think how they were over run by drugs "Pills".  It seemed to create an everyone out for themselves mentality, reckless charging back, not supporting the work force and consitant belittling of workers mandatory days "ether do it or you could always flip burgers at Mcdonalds".  Also the if you wont work for us, your not working for anyone else "black balling" Good techs that have built the company for almost a decade.

I dont think any past or correct workers in any position can dispute these items.  It was a not the 1st time someone has brought a case againist this company.  Mistake from my ear to the ground is that the Lead on this got fucked by the VP for no reason after years of being the posterboy them.  I post this as a reminder this could happen to anyother company.

TREAT YOUR WORKFORCE WITH RESPECT AND SUPPORT THEM, dont fuck them with they are the backbone of your deep pockets.

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