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Re: Major Blow to FL Cable Company handed down tod
hey slydog maybe the techs who filed the suit were the new guys who were being handed the already picked thru routes.....anyone who has been in this business knows thats the way it is ......all cable contractors have their favorite techs and they always get the big money routes and the others get the left overs....especially the lead techs or really dont think they are gonna go do disconnects for 3 bucks they are gonna take the triple play new connects on prewired houses and send you into the area with 50 year old houses

read that article that guy posted ....i know ive posted ten times over that contractors are taking 60 percent and paying you 40.....i know this because i know someone high up in brighthouse  and he told me how much they pay companies like knight for installs and i compared that with what these companies actually best these companies should be taking 40 and paying you 60 after all they send out 40 techs  a day
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